A listener throws money on stage at a live concert, then what Arijit did… watch that viral video


Banglahunt Desk: At this moment, Arijit Singh will undoubtedly take the first place among the most popular singers of the first row of Bollywood. He has made millions of people his 'crazy' with the magic of extraordinary songs. His innumerable admired fans are spread all over the world.

Arijit has won the hearts of everyone not only with his melodious voice, but also with his humble and polite manner. Even though he is a star of such a big size, his simple and simple behavior has made him more popular. A video has gone viral on social media where there is clear evidence of how big-minded Arijit really is.

Arijit Singh was having a live concert in Seattle, USA. He sang 'Rang De Tang Mohe Gerua' on stage with a guitar. Suddenly, a listener in the front row of the stage was fascinated by Arijit's song and threw a bunch of money at the singer on the stage.

Probably no one was ready for what happened after that. Arijit suddenly stopped singing and started collecting the money lying on the stage. The security guard also came by then. Returning all the money to the person who had thrown it, Arijit smiled and said, “Don't waste money like this.”

Then Arijit picked up the guitar and started singing again. The singer was not seen to be in a bad mood even once in this whole incident. Instead, he picked up the money with a smile and returned it to the person. After this incident, the audience greeted Arijit with loud applause.

Incidentally, Arijit is the son of Ziaganj in Mushirdabad. He won second place in a popular song reality show in Mumbai. But from then on, Arijit started climbing the ladder of success. One song after another continues to be a super hit. Now the release of a new film means that there must be a song by Arijit.

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