A lot of debt burden on the head? Remember mother Lakshmi in this special way to be released

BengaliHunt Desk: Bengali Hindus mainly worship Goddess Lakshmi every Thursday. This puja is performed by the housewives of the house. After bathing and performing puja in pure clothes and invoking Lakshmi Thakur with one mind, the Lord responded to the call of his devotees. At the end of the puja, one has to recite 'Lakshmi Panchali' with flowers and bills in hand.

Goddess Lakshmi is very playful. He does not stay in one place for long. So many times when Lakshmi Ganesha is worshiped together, happiness, peace, wealth and good intellect also arise. Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi in a special way at a particular time releases all debts in the world, and a new dawn appears. In addition to satisfying Mother Lakshmi through worship, if Lakshmi Stotra can be recited, then all obstacles are released.

According to the scriptures, if you take a bath every morning and chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times with a garland of lotus seeds to get rid of all the obstacles in the world, all the obstacles will be removed from the world. At the same time, reciting the twelfth hymn of Goddess Lakshmi 12 times with devotion for 12 consecutive days, the debt is released.

Leaving a basil tree at home, worshiping Goddess Lakshmi with evening lamps and incense on that tree every day, will bring happiness and peace in the world.

By lighting an earthen lamp with 9 salts made from lotus root and placing it in front of mother Lakshmi, by the grace of the goddess, wealth and happiness prevail in the world along with wealth.

Goddess Lakshmi is blessed even if she keeps a dextral shell in a silver or earthenware vessel during worship.