A man threw a snake at Sunny Leone, and then what happened .. Watch the viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Sunny Leone Funny Prank (prank) Who loves to do so much is not unknown to anyone else so far. From her husband Daniel Weber to her colleagues, everyone has been a victim of her prank. But he himself may not have thought that Sunny himself would be in such danger.

One person threw a snake at Sunny. At that time, the actress was busy reading her own dialogue on the shooting set. Taking advantage of his indifference, Sunny's colleague threw a snake at him. Sunny screamed in fear of the suddenness of the incident. Then he ran after that person.

In fact, this video is quite old. But it has gone viral again on social media. Sunny herself shared the video on her Insta handle. He said his colleagues pranked him with fake snakes.

Sunny herself doesn’t go low. A few days ago, she shared a video of a prank on her husband Daniel. Sunny took a chance to sleep with Daniel and placed a yellow water-filled balloon between his legs.

Then he burst the balloon with a pin. Immediately Daniel woke up and jumped. On the other hand, Sunny was seen laughing and eating loot.

In the caption of the video, the actress said that it is easy to prank on her husband. He made most of the work easier while he was asleep. Posting the video is viral. The netizens are also laughing at Sunny Daniel's actions.