A man unnecessarily annoys a bull standing in the street, then he can't stop laughing.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Viral Video, Viral Video- Every day one or another video goes viral on social media. Many viral videos teach us, and some videos make us laugh so much that laughing makes our stomachs ache. One such video has recently gone viral on social media, where just as we are learning a lesson from the video, we are also laughing at the video. In fact, the only thing that is clear from watching the video is that no one should be bothered unnecessarily. Be it animals or humans.

The viral video shows several children sitting on the stairs in an alley. And just opposite them stands a fat black bull. The bull is standing quietly on the road.

Just then a man was seen carrying a stick from behind. And whenever he went in front of the bull, he could not stop himself and attacked the bull with that stick. The bull became extremely angry at the unnecessary attack. He then chased the man, punched him and threw him into the air.

After teaching the man, the bull left. Then the children sitting there ran to see the man. But he took himself to the front and again followed the bull with the stick. The video of this incident is going very viral on social media.