A Muslim woman sets the example of communal harmony, gives birth to a Hindu couple through surrogacy


BanglaHunt Desk: Surrogacy Mother, at the present time we have become much easier with this word. Whether it is a celluloid screen or real soil. At present there are many couples who are giving birth to their children through surrogacy mothers due to some physical problems.

On the one hand, just as physically disabled couples are getting a new light in their lives through surrogacy mothers, on the other hand, surrogacy mothers are also running their families by putting smiles on the faces of others. Thus, a Muslim woman in the city of Rajkot in the state of Gujarat set an example of humanity by giving birth to a child through surrogacy.

Gajendra Singh, a retired officer of the 17th Bihar Regiment of the Army, had a son and a daughter. But at the age of 19, his son died of cancer. Since then, Gajendra Singh and his wife have been very broken in retirement. Despite their best efforts, they are unable to have children due to physical difficulties.

In this situation when they are knocking on the door of different doctors, they are introduced to Dr. Bhavesh Vithalani. The doctor then spoke to their surrogate mother and introduced her to Afsana, a resident of Rajkot. After the development of the embryo from IVF to test tube with the consent of all, it is placed in the womb of Afsana. The first attempt was successful and Afsana gave birth to a baby boy in August this year.

Afsana was not a business surrogacy mother, but she was a Muslim by religion. But despite this, following the rituals of all Hindu religions by looking at the internet, even before giving birth to a child, she ate vegetarian food and gave birth to this son with devotion. After giving birth to the child, he left it with him for a while, then handed it over to Gajendra Singh and his wife. After getting the child, they also became happy. Meanwhile, everyone is listening to the legend, everyone is praising him.