A new species of dinosaur was found! The largest dinosaur in Australia

Bengali Hunt Desk: Different species of dinosaurs became extinct billions of years ago. But there is still an end to human curiosity about the world’s largest animals. Just when the idea that people knew about almost all dinosaur species began, another new species came to the fore. Australian dinosaurs have repeatedly been the subject of various studies.

A new type of dinosaur was found from Australia. The dinosaur first came to light in 2006, but for the first time its name was changed to ‘Cooper’.

The scientific name for this new species of dinosaur is ‘Australitan coparensis’. Scientists discovered the dinosaur bone in the Mackenzie family’s farm house in the Eromanga Basin, about a thousand kilometers from west Brisbane. However, even though it was discovered in 2006, at first the matter was kept completely secret. The research was going on immediately.

Because it is very difficult to think of any new type of dinosaur on earth. And so the scientists were amazed to find this bone. “Given the length of this bone, it’s one of the five largest dinosaurs in the world,” said Robin McKenzie, director of the Aremanga National History Museum.

Scott Hawknal, a paleontologist at the Queensland Museum, said it was difficult to get Cooper recognized as a new species in the dinosaur group. According to scientists, this dinosaur is about 25 to 30 meters in length which means about 72 to 96 feet and in height it was 18 to 21 feet. It is also a member of the genus Titanos, which is the largest grazing animal on earth. Scientists believe that this animal, like other dinosaurs in the genus Titanosa, was a plant. It has already been recognized as the largest dinosaur in Australia.