A new station has been added to the Yellow Line of Delhi Metro. Passenger went to confusion after seeing the name


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Delhi Metro (File photo)Image Credit source: Twitter/@OfficialDMRC

Delhi Metro Yellow Line: Delhi Metro is getting all round headlines these days. For the last few days, the people of Delhi have been behaving strangely in the metro. Some are trying to attract attention with their outlandish fashion, while some are openly giving kissing scenes. Now something similar has happened once again Delhi Metro Has given confusion to the passengers of the Yellow Line route. When people found the name of a strange station attached to this route, they were stunned. Let’s know the whole matter.

In the past, some mischievous passenger had added ‘Goa Beach’ station on this Yellow Line route. Seeing which people were surprised that when the metro started going from Delhi to Goa. Similar mischief has happened once again, when the passengers added another name to the route. But this time there was such a name, after reading which every one of you will also be thinking. It is also being inferred from this that they are now doing anything to attract the attention of the people of Delhi. On Twitter, a user named Vibhu from the handle @vibhuagiwal shared a picture of the route and wrote, “You will see this only in Delhi Metro”.

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New station added to Yellow Line Metro!

Through his post, Vibhu told the netizens how the people of Delhi have now connected Samaypur Badli with a new station on the Yellow Route. Whose name is ‘away from his memories’. Root’s picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media, seeing which people were stunned.

A user has commented in a funny way, Hey brother, take me too away from his memories. On the other hand, the other has written, now it has been written, so I want a ticket for this station as well. Another user has commented considering himself as a spy, this could be the work of the people of Mukherjee Nagar. Another user has written, Hey people of Delhi, spare the metro.

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