A picture of the Prophet was shown on a Chinese state TV channel, Pakistan remained silent despite the behavior of a best friend.

Bengali Hunt Desk: Pakistan has strongly opposed showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in France. Pakistan has even been accused of spreading Islamophobia against the French president. However, Pakistan is silent on showing pictures of Prophet Mohammad on Chinese state television.

The caricature of the Prophet Mohammad was recently shown on China's state television channel Central Television. Uyghur activist Arsalan Hidayat tweeted this clip from the Chinese TV series. The clip showed an Arab ambassador to the court of the Tang Dynasty. It was shown that the Arab ambassador was handing over a painting of Prophet Mohammad to the Chinese emperor.

However, no Muslim country in the world, including Pakistan, has spoken out against China's actions. Even Turkish President Erdogan is still silent. In addition, all Muslim countries, including Pakistan, remain silent about the mistreatment of Uyghur Muslims in China. Even Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan once said that it was an internal matter of China. And he does not want to comment on this.

Everyone is shocked that Mohammad's caricature was shown on a Chinese TV channel. Many on social media have questioned whether showing the caricature of the Prophet in such a way is not an insult to religion. Many have also said that this time, will the Muslim world boycott China and TV to show the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad on Chinese TV?