A plot to form a greater Bangladesh with West Bengal, a sensational protective chat on Najibullah's mobile


BanglaHunt Desk: After recovering important documents, this time we have Najibullah's protective chat. In addition, a uniform map was found combining West Bengal and Bangladesh. However, detectives are now trying to decode the protective chat on the mobile phone of the suspected JMB militant Najibullah.

Exactly how Najibullah, who is campaigning on behalf of the Taliban, had any contact with anyone is being investigated. Najibullah alias Shakib Ali, a resident of Paikar area of ​​Birbhum, started campaigning on behalf of the Taliban through his Facebook page and WhatsApp saying “Taliban is not a terrorist force at all!”

In this way, the Taliban were trying to unite the youth by campaigning on behalf of the organization. Najibullah planned to use the youth as a tool to demand the release of a Jamaat leader. After the arrest, the intelligence office found several books on Islam and electric gadgets from the printing press in Najibullah's Paikar area in Birbhum.

Kolkata Police STF JMB arrested Najibullah alias Shakib Ali on suspicion. After the arrest, the detectives came across Najibullah's protective chat while interrogating him. At present, decoding that chat, Najibullah was trying to find out who was in contact with whom, what was said. A number of leaflets were also found referring to jihad to save Islam. In addition, a uniform map of Bengal and Bangladesh has also been found.