A resident of Kelara planted crops and fruits on the barren land of Idukki and planted shelves


BanglaHunt Desk: A man from Kerala After working as an architect for about 15 years, Eldo Pachilakadan decided to quit his job and go back to the simple life around nature. Eldo Pachilakadan, 42, is a resident of Kottayam in Kerala.

Idukki bought 10 acres of barren land in a place called Senapati. And realized the dream of cultivating fruits and vegetables there. In just three years after hard work and perseverance, he also presented the experience of trekking and off-roading, which he named ‘Swarga Medu (heavenly abode)’.

Eduer graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Government Polytechnic College. He then worked in a firm as well as in several other fields. He owns everything from restaurants to textile shops to art galleries. Where he was part of an NGO, he and his friends volunteered for government forestry. Being a travel thirsty and nature worshiper, he wanted to do something on his own.

He said, “During a trek in Idukki, we came across this plot of land and at the same time I felt some connection with it. It was barren, and I wondered if I could play a role in changing it. Similarly, in 2009 I bought the land with my friend Vivek Vilasani and wanted to create a 'paradise on earth'. The idea was to create a self-sufficient ecosystem close to nature. Instead of using systematic techniques and traditional methods, we just let the seedlings grow naturally. '

Apart from about 20 varieties of apples, 6 to 7 varieties of oranges, lemons, grapes, litchis, strawberries and mangoes, there are many other trees in their land. “But it was not easy to get these saplings,” he said. Plants that match the soil and climate conditions of Kerala I have found all over the world. I don’t add anything else to the nutrition of the plants because I believe nature has its own way of maintaining it. As human beings, we are there just to sow seeds and I believe that we should not disrupt the cycle of nature ’.

In addition to the fruit forest, Eldho has also arranged for the opening of ‘Swarga Medu’ for tourists and other agricultural experts. Although there is no accommodation for tourists in the forest, they provide tents and welcome to the camp overnight, as well as trekking through the mountaintops. They have been eating the fruits of that forest for almost three years. Although his wife, Bensie, and his two children have not fully embraced this way of life, they are by his side.