A restaurant that is offering new examples for social distance

The Corona situation seems to have taken hold of the whole world. And to escape its onslaught, people are now confined to their homes and even maintaining social distance. And among these, a new kind of restaurant has been invented. The specialty of this restaurant is to enjoy the atmosphere under the open sky.

And there will be only one chair and table in that restaurant to enjoy the environment. Where you can sit and eat alone. Even the specialty of this restaurant will have a rope tied to the customer’s table with its kitchen. This rope will be used to send a basket of food. The name of this fancy restaurant is 'Table for One'.

And this restaurant will be inaugurated from the 10th of May. There will be many types of food as well as different flavored drinks. And here too the owner of the hotel will cook the food without any kind of drinks.

The restaurant will be sanitized at least four times a day to handle this situation. Besides, even if many people come to this restaurant, they will keep an eye on it. No one thinks that one day he will have to sit at home and die lazily for fear of death like this, or no one thinks that even such a beautiful world will come to an end one day. No one knows that everyone is trying to prevent this disease in various ways. And efforts are being made to bring awareness among the people.