A school where older women fulfill their dreams


BanglaHunt Desk: After the pressure of the world, many women are unable to make their dreams come true. Many women are unable to learn even the slightest bit of their education. So to fulfill their unfulfilled hopes, Ajibayechi School in Fangane village in Thane district of Maharashtra has come up with an initiative where the elderly women of the family are moving forward towards fulfilling their dreams. Learning to study.

Elderly women wear pink saris to Ajibayechi school

The reading work started with only two rooms in a house in the village. I used to do this class every day from 2 pm to 4 pm. To fulfill their latent desires, the elderly women of the village wear pink saris and start coming to this school every day like their grandchildren. When the class is taken home without doing homework, they also make excuses like children.

On the day of Shivaji Jayanti celebrations, Ajibayechi decided to open a school after hearing the holy lessons of some rural elderly women.

Yogendra Bangar, a teacher and social worker at the district council of the Motiram Dalal Charitable Trust and the founder of the Ajibayechi School, said, Then many more women in the village said they could read it too. That's when the idea of ​​opening this Ajibayechi school came to my mind. ' It works as you think. He started this rural school in the same year i.e. on March 7, 2016.

Elderly women who are proud of their good education in Ajibayechi School

Aiming to fulfill their dreams, an elderly woman said, ‘Now if anyone asks me, have I done anything good in life? Then I will answer, yes, I have signed. '

Hindi-English alphabet, mathematics, poetry, art etc. are taught in this ajibayechi school. The women came to the school wearing bright pink saris. Their short teeth, again someone's toothless open smile, creates an unearthly moment. At the same time, this Ajibayechi school has set an example in India today.

This school is an exemplary place for the whole of India today

Today the women of this village have learned to talk on the phone, they can put their opinion in the village meeting. The biggest thing is that they can sign with their own hands today. Through this, their lost dignity of the village has also been renewed. This Ajibayachi School is a matter of pride for the elderly women of Maharashtra to all the people of India.