A small bird was drowning in the sea, a young man was rescued from the water: Viral video

viral video: Just as there are many scenes of inhumanity in thousands of viral videos every day, there are scenes in viral videos that prove why humans are the best creatures on earth. These videos show the humanity that has not been lost from this world yet. One such video is viral.

As seen in the viral video, while sailing on a ship, a man noticed that a bird was drowning in deep water. He is fighting to save himself. He immediately lifted the bird out of the water and helped it dry. He also feeds the bird some chips. He also served bottled water so that the bird could quench its thirst.

This video of humanity has gone viral since it was posted on social media. Simon BRFC Hopkins, a Twitter page, posted this short video clip. The video has been viewed by over 5,500 netizens so far.

In addition to thanking the young man, many have commented on various humanitarian incidents. As one writes, my grandfather saved a castrol bird when I was younger. He had a broken wing. So Grandpa served him until the wings were together. He taught me to be kind to all creatures and I rejoiced to be equally kind to others