A small pimple replaced the face, the young woman suffering from an unknown disease

Evidence of just how deadly a common pimple can be is Niva Ikiazar of the Philippines. The 16-year-old's face is strangely swollen. According to reports, the girl is suffering from a mysterious illness and because of this her face is abnormally swollen like a balloon.

According to the Daily Mail, the 18-year-old had a sore on the side of her nose last year that gradually grew and now her whole face is swollen.

In fact, she gave birth to a baby boy three years ago. Mary, however, felt that this was due to hormonal changes. The pimple did not heal for several weeks, he ignored it.

Mary broke it one day after the pimple had not healed for a long time. After a few days, the pain starts to get unbearable and the pimples start to grow slowly. Mary said that now her face was like a balloon and her eyes were swollen. This is why it is difficult to see them.

Mary said that at first it was a normal pimple but now it's been a year and I feel like my face won't be able to be the same again. He further said that for this I have tried many home remedies so far, but to no avail.

Mary's husband, Albert, works part-time at a neighbor's farm and the couple's income is very low, the report said. Due to lack of money she is unable to get her treatment and her husband has appealed to people for help.