A strange fish was seen floating in the sea, the face was such that people were shocked


समुद्र में तैरती दिखी अजीबोगरीब मछली, चेहरा ऐसा कि चौंक गए लोग-VIDEO

strange fish seen floating in the sea

Bizarre Looking Fish: It is believed that more than 28 thousand species of fish are found in this world. Although that thing is different that we do not know about most of them. In such a situation, many times when we see a new fish, we get shocked. Many of those fish are such that they are very beautiful to see. kinda weird Looks like Apart from this, it also happens many times that some new fishes are found in the sea, on seeing which people get blown away. social media But nowadays a related video viral It is happening, in which such a fish is seen, which you have hardly seen before.

The face of the fish is looking very strange. His eyes are turned outwards and the forehead is also visible outwards. In the video you can see that a diver is trying to break something with a hammer and the fish is right there keeping its eyes on the food item in front of it. During this, the diver also tries to push the fish backwards, but it again stops at the same place. Then when the diver breaks that stone-like food item with a hammer, he feeds it to the fish.

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Watch video:

This startling video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @TansuYegen. This video of just 19 seconds has been viewed a record 72 million i.e. 72 million times so far, while more than 2 lakh 51 thousand people have liked the video and given different reactions.

Some are saying that this fish is very strange, while some are saying that ‘the face of this fish almost looks like a human’s face’. Similarly, another user has written, ‘Any creature that looks like a human seems scary’, while a user has written, ‘This fish looks like an alien’.

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