A streamer done a sweet, juicy Hades operate employing a literal pomegranate controller

Hades, Supergiant Games’ Greek-themed roguelike, can be a really difficult activity. But a person intrepid Twitch streamer took it upon himself to up the challenge by beating the match in an extremely nontraditional way: by working with a controller built out of an true pomegranate.

Pomegranates are a big element of the activity, serving as valuable energy-ups, and they also have an important position in Greek mythology. But I never ever imagined that an individual could use a authentic-existence pomegranate to defeat the remaining boss.

To make the controller, streamer Dylan “Rudeism” Beck slice up a pomegranate into 10 items, wired the items to a MakeyMakey circuit board to make them act as capacitive touch buttons, and taped an earth wire from his arm to the board. Here’s how the contraption is effective, according to Beck: “My arm will be connected to the MakeyMakey by means of the earth wire, and then when I touch one particular of the pomegranates, it then results in a loop amongst me, the pomegranate, and the circuit board, and which is what does inputs.”

You can view Beck put the controller collectively (and make his initially endeavor to beat the activity with it) in this movie:


Beck first experimented with to participate in the sport with a pomegranate six times back, and he has been grinding operates at any time due to the fact, chasing an elusive escape from the Underworld. Right away, Beck eventually did it, effectively defeating the game’s ultimate manager in an epic struggle that incorporated two heart-stopping controller failures.

This is not Beck’s 1st attempt at enjoying a video game with a nontraditional controller — it’s actually sort of his point. Amongst other notable feats, he received a round of the adorable fight royale platformer Drop Fellas with jelly beans.