A teenager living in a slum in Mumbai is teaching Hindi to a Hollywood actor! The video is going viral on social media


Bangla Hunt Desk: A video of Hollywood actor Robert Hoffman is going viral on social media. There, he is seen with a teenager living in a slum in Mysore, Mumbai. The girl's name is Malisha Kharba. And he himself posted the video on his Instagram account. The video then went viral on social media.

This video is from February before the lockdown. Then Robert Hoffman came to India for his music video. It was at that time that he met Molisha in a slum in Mumbai. The viral video shows Malisha teaching Hindi to Robert Hoffman.

In the video, Malisha tells Robert while teaching Hindi, “My phone has broken down.” Then Robert Molisha repeats the same thing. But he can't speak Hindi as fast as Molisha, so it goes a little wrong and Molisha laughs at that.

This video is rapidly going viral on social media. And netizens love Robert's way of speaking Hindi and his way of interacting with children.