A village in Uttarakhand, which houses the temple of Karna, is seen by the descendants of the Kaurava-Pandavas.


Uttarakhand is a state of northern India, also known as the land of the god of God. It is bordered by Tibet in the north, Nepal on the east, Himachal Pradesh on the west and Uttar Pradesh on the south. Uttarakhand is also famous for pilgrimages.

Uttarakhand, the largest river in India, is the source of the Ganges and Jamuna. This is where the gods' holy ground. Dehradun is the capital of the state as well as the largest city here. This village in India is located in Garwal city in Uttarakhand

Kalap village, located in the Garwal area of ​​Uttarakhand, is situated at a height of 3 feet along the Rupin river. The area is a beautiful scenic tourist spot due to the jungle and the guard. And among these and the main temple of Kalapa is dedicated to one of the Karnas of the Pandav brothers.

A festival called Karna Maharaja Utsav is also celebrated in the region. In January, Kalap is usually a Pandav dance festival. The festival is celebrated for a period of 3 years. The primary occupation of this village in Uttarakhand is agriculture. Farming is the main source of livelihood for most of the people here.

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