A wild viral video of a wild buffalo throwing a lion on its horn


BanglaHunt Desk: At present, mobile phones are deeply involved in people's lives. And mobile means social media. Everyone from eight to eighty is now a fan of social media. It is as if the internet has bound people on all sides. Thousands of videos are shared every day on various social media platforms. In between, several videos went viral. Millions of likes and comments are made in one video.
Not only humans, but also many animal videos have gone viral on social media. Sometimes dogs, sometimes bears and sometimes pheasant videos go viral on Netdunia. And the netizens are amazed to see them. One such video has recently gone viral on social media.
The video shows a buffalo fight with a lion. According to the law of the forest, the most powerful forest rules. In that case, even though the lion is the king of the forest, the lion often avoids the wild buffalo. Because wild buffalo can hold the same power as a lion if it gets angry.

Evidence of this has also been found in this video. The video shows a lion sitting in the middle of the forest and basking in the sun. A wild buffalo stood in front of him. Suddenly the buffalo started running towards the lion. Seeing the situation strange, the lion also got up and started running. But profit does not matter. The wild buffalo came and picked up the lion and threw it on the ground. The lion also fell to the ground and was stunned.

Indian Forest Department official Sushant Nanda shared the video on his Twitter handle. In the caption, he writes, ‘Man has made the lion the king of the forest. But the wild buffalo has nothing to do with it. ' The video is now viral on Netdunia.

Netizens have also made many interesting comments. One wrote, “Let the lion think no one has seen.” Another commented that wild buffaloes kill the most lions. Another wrote that the buffalo had taken revenge one day.