A Yogi state legislator made a mask on a sewing machine and handed it to himself


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown status has been issued in the country due to the Corona virus (COVID-19). The government has decided to extend the lockdown before the first phase of the lockdown expires. Citizens have been repeatedly told to maintain social distance during this time. Asking to use masks, sanitizers. This time, Rajiv Tarara, a BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh, was seen making masks on his sewing machine to distribute to people.

He learned to sew 20 years ago. After becoming a MLA, his mentality has not changed. On the contrary, he came closer to more people. The BJP MLA made it into his hand and made a mask for the poor people who cannot afford to buy the mask, in the midst of this disaster. This is not the end here. He is also helping people in his area in various ways. Sometimes rationing, sometimes making food and calling the locals to sit and eat them.

Rajiv Tarada himself came forward in any task and asked the team members to come forward. He said, “At this time of crisis we are making triple air masks. We mask those who are not getting the mask. We are making about 3 thousand masks. I will make more if needed. We are doing this to protect our citizens. '

Rajiv Tara's father was also a MLA. The sewing machine he is making this time around is a gift he received a few years ago. In this way he sometimes helps the poor people by making masks, sometimes by distributing food items.

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