Aarmaan Malik’s new born baby reached the doctor, the whole family was upset


Aarmaan Malik का न्यू बोर्न बेबी पहुंचा डॉक्टर के पास, परेशान हुआ पूरा परिवार

Armaan Malik Image Credit source: Instagram

popular youtuber Armaan Malik He has become the father of three children within a month. Where Payal Malik has given birth to two children, Kritika Malik has become the mother of a son. Till now there was an atmosphere of happiness in the whole house. Now everyone is worried. Actually, the health of Kritika’s younger son Zaid has deteriorated. Because of which the whole family seems worried about Zaid’s health.

In fact, it can be seen in Armaan Malik’s new vlog that Kritika takes her son to the doctor. Where after listening to the doctor, she breathes a sigh of relief. Actually his son had a cough problem. For which doctors give them medicines and ask them not to panic. Kritika returns home with all the medicines and Zaid. After which she gets the eyes of her child removed.

Then Kritika sets the wardrobe of the three children. Apart from Zaid, Payal’s daughter is also seen in the video. Payal and Kritika are seen picking him up and feeding him because of his excessive sleeping. On the other hand, Payal’s first son Golu’s birthday was also on the previous day. For which the whole family had made very good arrangements. Kritika also shared a glimpse of all the arrangements in her video.

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Please tell, both Payal and Kritika are Armaan Malik’s wives. But recently another youtuber Vivek Chowdhary lied about Kritika and Armaan’s marriage. Along with this, by sharing many videos, he had also threatened to tell the truth of their marriage. Armaan Malik has also said a lot about Vivek Chaudhary. However, now it seems that the matter between the two has now cooled down. At the same time, Armaan keeps sharing the daily life of his family with everyone through vlogs.

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