Abdul Majid, a close associate of Dawood, was arrested from Jharkhand and had been on the run for 24 years


Bangla Hunt Desk: Gujarat ATS has arrested Abdul Majid Kutti, a close associate of the country's most wanted militant Dawood Ibrahim, from Jharkhand. Majid had been on the run for the past 24 years. It is thought that Abdul Majid could reveal many secrets of David.

ATS officials said Kutty is a resident of Kerala. He was accused of procuring 106 pistols, 650 rounds of ammunition and about 4 kg of RDX in 1998. A senior ATS official said the other accused had been arrested earlier. But Kutty was a fugitive for 24 years and he covered the village in Jharkhand.

According to the official, intelligence sources said that Kutti's abode in Jharkhand was found. A team of ATS then proceeded to Jharkhand and arrested him. According to the ATS, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his team were planning to disrupt peace in Gujarat and Mumbai, which is why they were gathering so many weapons.

The ATS official said Kutty's name came to the fore when the other accused in the case were arrested. And since then he has been a fugitive. For now, Kutty will be sent for corona examination and then interrogated.