About 2 crore people in this state are infected with corona! The government's survey came up with alarming information

Bangla Hunt Desk: Coronary heart disease is on the rise all over the world once again. Corona infection in India is much lower than before. But in some states, the number of patients with corona is on the rise again. And among all these, the government of Karnataka has made big demands. According to a survey by the Karnataka government, as of September 18, 19.3 million people in the state have been infected with corona. The survey was conducted by the government to find out the current situation of Corona in the state.

State Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said the state government had conducted a survey in 30 districts of Karnataka. The survey was conducted between 3 and 16 September. Through this survey, the government wanted to know the situation of Corona in the state. Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said, “Through this survey, we wanted to know which districts are more prone to corona infections and which districts need to work harder.”

He said the rapid state antigen test and RG PCR as well as IgG test were done across the state. The study found that the death rate in the state due to corona infection was 0.05 per cent. According to the study, out of an estimated population of 6.07 crore in Karnataka, 26.3 per cent of the total population of 1.93 crore by the end of September 18 were either infected with corona or had previously been infected with corona.