About two years ago, this time Aamir's daughter Ira fell in love with her fitness trainer!

Aamir Khan (daughter of Ira Khan) He has had to face many controversies and criticisms many times. Ira's name often appears in the news headlines for one reason or another.

This time Ira Khan has come up on page three again. A few days ago, she broke up with her long time boyfriend Mishal Kripalani. There was a lot of practice on social media about that separation. This time it is heard that Ira is involved again. Again with your own fitness trainer.

According to media reports, Aamir's daughter is currently in a relationship with her fitness coach Nupur Shikhar. They came close to each other during the lockdown. It is even heard that Ira has come to spend her holiday with Nupur at Baba Amir's farm house in Mahabaleshwar. Ira's mother Reena Dutta also knows about their relationship.

Ira was with Mishal Kripalani for about two years. They were often seen sharing pictures together. But it is learned that the monogamy started between the two as soon as Ira focused on her career. Ira decided to break up.

Incidentally, Ira told her fans a horrible story about her recent depression and teenage years. At just 14 years old, Iraq experienced horrific and disgusting sexual harassment. In the video, Aamir's daughter is heard talking about mental exhaustion.

She is the daughter of such a big superstar. Why does he become exhausted despite having so many opportunities in life. Why are you so depressed, Iraq has to face all such questions. Ira made this video to answer all those questions.

In the video, Ira says she was sexually harassed when she was 14 years old. At that time he did not understand anything about this. He did not understand what sexual harassment was, or why he or she was experiencing this horrific experience.

Ira then told her parents everything via email. Ira also said that her parents helped her to come out of the memory of that horrible experience. He also said that after coming out of depression, there was no more horrible experience.