Above all, people are not honest with him, this person is giving food to the poor with the money saved for Hajj.


BanglaHunt Desk: Abdur Rahman donated the money saved for the Hajj pilgrimage to the needy people. He bought food with that money and distributed it among the helpless people. In the midst of the lockdown, the man has set an example of humanity in this venture.
Abdur Rahman worked in a firm in Bangalore. My father was a laborer and my mother used to tie bidis at home. Their family lives on everyone's income. Abdur had been planning to go on Hajj to Mecca and Medina for many years. Mother and father had the same desire. Abdur, 55, decided to go for Hajj next year. He was also saving money little by little.

But seeing the misery of the people in this lockdown, Abdur changed his mind. He decided to feed the poor and helpless people with this accumulated money. He handed over rice, pulses and other necessities to 25 families living in Gudinavelli village of Bantal taluk.
Abdur Rahman has so far spent Rs 60,000 on this work. In this context, his statement, people are not able to eat dumutho lockdown. If you can stand by them in this situation, that is the real service. This is how God is found.