Abuse of Africans is closing down China's business, India could benefit

BanglaHunt Desk: The Chinese government is the victim of the news again. China has been criticized for expelling African citizens from hotels after being accused of coronavirus (COVID-19). Protests against China are currently raging in Africa.

African nationals are being deported from China

China has been repeatedly blamed for the deadly corona virus. Most countries in the world are now unlike China. The Chinese government has blamed Jinping for spreading the Corona virus. But in the meantime, Africans began to oppose the Chinese government. They demanded that African citizens from China be evicted from hotels and restaurants during the crisis.

India's aid to Africa

At present, China is gradually cornered. On the one hand, Africa is protesting against China, on the other hand, the Indian government is helping Africa in this crisis. The Government of India has decided to send medical equipment and medicines from India to about 13 countries in Africa to combat the corona virus. Which includes essential medicines, injections, emergency supplies. Relations between the two countries are expected to become more friendly in the wake of the Corona crisis.

India-Africa trade relations

India exported most of its medicines and petroleum products to Africa. In 2001, Africa had ব্যবসায় 5.3 billion in trade relations with India. This amount has increased to আর 75 billion in 2016. At present, Africa ranks fourth in terms of trade relations with India. Hopefully, as a result of China's misconduct in the Corona situation, India could move closer to Africa.

China is cornered

The companies that are currently in China also want to leave China now. As a result, China has become increasingly weak. At the right time, if India can once again dominate the African medical market, China's business will be locked up. This can happen to Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique.