Accident or cold-headed murder? Explosive demands on the mystery of Sridevi's death have been made public


Banglahant Desk: The mystery of Sredevi's death has not been cleared yet. Many times many people have made many demands. But due to lack of proper evidence, almost everything has been ruined. But a demand in the middle of it moved everyone. Retired ACP Veda Bhushan claimed that Sridevi's death was not accidental. Rather, it is a premeditated murder. And Bonnie Kapoor himself did it!

Mystery is involved from the very beginning of Sridevi's death. He died on the night of February 24, 2016 in Dubai. That too in a very strange way. The actress died after drowning in a bathtub in the bathroom of a five-star hotel in Dubai. And this is where ACP Veda Bhushan takes a hit. He was reluctant to accept the matter. So he conducted his own investigation in a different way.
And in that investigation some shocking information came up.

The ACP said the bathtub was a little over four feet tall. And Sridevi's height is five feet six inches. A man of this height can never sink in a four-foot bathtub. And if you have drowned, then you must have thrown your hands and feet. Then why not a drop of water outside the bathtub?
Director Sunil Singh made the same demand. He also brought up an insurance issue after which the suspicion on Bani Kapoor became more entrenched. According to the director's claim, Bonnie Kapoor had taken out an insurance of Rs 240 crore in Sridevi's name in Oman. One of the insurance clauses mentioned that Bonnie would get the insurance money only if Sridevi's death happened in Dubai.

It is known that Bonnie was in financial crisis in many ways at that time. Arjun Kapoor's picture was flop. Jahnavi did not set foot in Bollywood. As a result, many people think that Sridevi was killed in Dubai with a cold head.