According to Bikash Dubey, UP police will give a reward of five lakh rupees to six people


Bengali Hunt Desk: The infamous Don Bikash Dubey made headlines across the country last July when he attacked the police. However, he was later arrested by the Uttar Pradesh police and later killed in an encounter. But at that time, the UP police announced a reward of five lakh rupees for his arrest. Finally, six people are getting a reward of five lakh rupees for helping to catch Bikash Dubey.

On July 9, Bikash Dubey was arrested from the premises of Mahakal Mandir in Ujjain. But the SP of Ujjain formed a new committee to find out who had searched for him. According to the report of that committee, six persons will be given a prize of five lakh rupees. Although their names have not yet been announced by the police.

According to sources, bKash came to Ujjain from Rajasthan around 4 am on July 9. After bathing in the river Shipra, he came to worship at the Mahakal temple at 8.45 am. But a flower trader by the name of Suresh Kahar recognized him. The development of the security personnel of that temple speaks volumes. They then informed the local police station.

Incidentally, on July 10, when the police brought Bikash to Lucknow by road, the police vehicle changed in the Barra police station area. After the car changed, one of the injured snatched a police gun and tried to escape. Then the police team opened fire on Bikash Dubey. Bikash was seriously injured in the firing. Bikash died on the way to the hospital for treatment.