According to federation sources, the news is that East Bengal is unlikely to play ISL in the upcoming season.


In a situation where lockdown is going on across the country for Corona, East Bengal is organizing its team. The red and yellow officials are including one star footballer after another in their team. Even the East Bengal officials are so confident that they are claiming they will play ISL in the new season.

East Bengal officials claim to play ISL but the real picture is different. According to federation sources, East Bengal is unlikely to play ISL in the new season. A federation official said that we had a special meeting with the marketing partner on Wednesday night but there was no talk about East Bengal in that meeting, not even a single word about East Bengal was mentioned in that meeting. There was also no discussion about taking a new team to ISL.

It was decided by the federation that if the new season starts in August, ISL will be started from September. But it goes without saying that the federation's plan is not likely to be implemented at the moment for the Korona violence across the country. So this time the federation will have to start ISL a little late. Due to the late start, it will not be possible for each ISL team to play 27 matches. Therefore, in such a situation, the federation does not want to increase the complexity of any new team in ISL. In such a situation, the federation officials do not see any possibility of playing ISL in East Bengal.