According to ICC rules, ball distortion is now going to be legal in cricket.


A long-standing practice in cricket is to polish the ball with saliva or spit. Bowlers often rub the ball with spit or saliva to keep the normal ball polished. But this time it seems that the tradition will no longer exist. Corona is going to erase a lot of customs from this world later, a lot of old customs are going to change. Experts believe that the policy of polishing the ball with saliva or spit is going to change. But if this rule changes then how will the cricketers maintain the ball polish. In that case, the rule that has been illegal for a long time is on its way to becoming legal.

Usually the ball is rubbed repeatedly with spit to maintain the polish of the ball. If the ball gets muddy or the ball gets wet, it is immediately removed under the supervision of the umpire. But no artificial material can ever be used to keep the ball polished properly. Rubbing the ball with chewing gum or any other artificial substance is a crime under ICC rules. But after Corona, the rules of ball polishing with spit are also going to change.

So how to polish the ball? Especially in Test cricket, when the ball gets old, polishing the ball becomes very important because the old ball no longer moves. The ICC is considering that from now on the umpire will have an artificial object that will allow the cricketers to polish the ball in front of the umpire as they like. This means that Smith, Warner has to suffer such a big punishment for the ball distortion, this time the ball distortion is going to be legal according to ICC rules.