According to Maxwell, IPL can be done in a spectacular gallery but the World Cup is not possible in any way.


IPL has been suspended at the moment because of the Corona virus. BCCI wants to make IPL in the audienceless gallery, considering the huge financial loss. Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has said that IPL in a spectacular gallery is unlikely to be a World Cup in an audienceless gallery.

Various tournaments have been postponed due to the Corona virus, many tournaments have been canceled. Despite such a situation, the question of whether it is possible to have IPL this year has begun. Many people think that the TTI World Cup may be behind this time for Corona, which is why the BCCI has said that the IPL will be in October-November this year. If the situation is anything but normal, then the BCCI is thinking of doing IPL in the audience. In this regard, Aussie star Maxwell has said that the IPL may be in a blank gallery but the World Cup is not possible in a blank gallery.

Whether the World Cup starts at the right time depends entirely on how hard the Australian government can cope. Considering the current situation, many claim that the World Cup is unlikely to start at the right time. But cricket lovers will have to wait several more days to find out.

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