According to the custom, the widow married the mother-in-law and said goodbye like her own daughter.


BanglaHunt Desk: The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law means the relationship between a snake and a neul. That is what everyone believes. But everyone witnessed another incident. Her husband died of cancer 3 years ago. From then on, the mother-in-law used to live with her mother-in-law and father-in-law. He kept himself busy in their service day and night. Widow married his daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law left the house like a daughter.

The mother-in-law was also a daughter-in-law one day. So she could easily understand the pain of Boomer. The pain was so well understood that after the death of the only son, his daughter-in-law made his life beautiful again. The widowed daughter-in-law gave her life a new color by turning her hand yellow. The incident happened to MP Ratlam. Where the mother-in-law remarried his daughter-in-law to his daughter-in-law like a daughter, and he married his daughter-in-law according to the whole custom.

The discussion of marriage begins in the lockdown. Maintaining social distance, the widow married Boomer. The mother-in-law said goodbye with tears. Mohit Jain, son of 65-year-old Sarala Jain, a resident of Katju Nagar, Ratlam. Sonam, a resident of Ashtar, was married. After 3 years, his son Mohit got cancer after 3 years of marriage. Sonam, the daughter-in-law, had been devoted to her husband for three years, but Mohit had lost the battle of life. Even after that, Sonam started living with her in-laws like a daughter. Son-in-law took care of Sonam's service and the happiness of her life. Her brother Lalit Cantrade and Sonam think of remarrying in the family.

The family had to get married in cash. The hotel was also booked, but the problem started due to the lockdown. Mohit's uncle Lalit Kanthadane spoke to the administration and remarried his daughter-in-law Sonam.

Gone as a daughter. Sonam's mother-in-law brought her home 6 years ago as her daughter-in-law. On Monday, she said goodbye to Sonam as a mother. Sonam's mother-in-law's eyes filled with tears on this occasion. Everyone present at the farewell was wet.