Action begins! France cancels visas for 183 Pakistanis

BanglaHunt Desk: In the name of Islam, France, which considers itself to be the most important country, was dealt a severe blow by France. For the past few days, Pakistan and France have been heated over the incident in France. The flame of that heat has spread in Bangladesh as well. This time the French government took a drastic step in this regard.

Visas were revoked for 173 Pakistanis

According to Pakistan's trade embassy, ​​the French government revoked the visas of about 173 Pakistanis in France. That group even includes the sister of Shuja Pasha, the head of Pakistan's ISI. Again, 117 out of 183 people have been sent back to Pakistan. The most interesting thing is that the embassy of Pakistan tweeted this again.

It has been heard that the sister of ISI chief Shuja Pasha does not want to return to Pakistan. That is why the Pakistani government has requested the French government to grant Suja Pasha's sister the right to stay there temporarily. Thus, at the present time, the French government retaliated by spreading lies against France in the name of Islam.

Various Islamic countries against France

Following the assassination of a French teacher, the French government has vowed to end Islamic terrorism by declaring that it will not bow to Islam. In this behavior of the French government, various Islamic countries have also turned against him.

Imran Khan trying to keep his citizens temporarily in France

Imran Khan has said that the French government is inciting Emanuel Macron to incite Muslims. According to sources in the Pakistani embassy, ​​118 out of 163 Pakistanis in France have been deported despite having all the paperwork. France is currently in talks to temporarily keep the Pakistanis.