Actor shares video of superstar’s ‘charisma’


Banglahunt Desk: Jeet’s name will inevitably come among the first line stars of Tollywood. Although originally a mainstream hero, he has also recently started making slightly different films. The work of breaking oneself is going on. Not long ago, he set foot in the world of acting. Jit has already packed a lot of popular pictures in his bag.

Has been in the Tollywood industry for a long time. Although he is a first-rate actor, he can easily blend in with people. Fans know very well how much clay people have won despite having so much stardom. Jit can mix with millions of fans just like them. And its glimpse was seen in Bahrampur of Murshidabad.

Jeet came to Murshidabad to inaugurate a shopping mall on Good Friday. He met the fans after the inauguration of Mohan Mall. The crowd came to see the actor. Countless people had gathered just to catch a glimpse of Jit. Not only in front of the stage, but also the veranda of the house was filled with people.

Everyone wants only one thing, to see Jit from the front once and hear his voice. The actor was seen in a blue pants suit that day. Jit waved to the people present on the stage. ‘How are you all?’ Hearing this, the applause rolled. Jit himself shared that video on Instagram.

Incidentally, Jit recently visited Punjab on the occasion of his tenth wedding anniversary. He shared some pictures and videos from there. This time again a video has gone viral for Jit and his wife Mohner.

As can be seen in the video, Jit went out to tour with Toto with Mohana. The actor was seen wearing a white kurta and sunglasses. Mohana, on the other hand, wore a pink salwar kameez. Jit shared the video on his Insta Story.

Jitke has also been seen taking the corona vaccine recently. The actor stepped on 42 last November. Jit was vaccinated at a private hospital. He shared the picture on social media. However, it was not known whether he had comorbidity.