Actress donates 2,500 PPE kits to academics, doctors and health workers


Banglahant Desk: Vidya Balan has extended a helping hand in the war against Corona. Physicians and health workers to deal with corona 2500The actress has taken the initiative to donate more and more PPE kits. First yourself 1000 Vidya decided to give PPE kit. He requested everyone to donate money so that more kits could be arranged. That is why 18 lakh rupees has been raised overnight, said Vidya. With that 2500He also said that it has been possible to supply more PPE kits.

In a video message on her social media handle two days ago, Vidya said that just as soldiers need armor and weapons in war, doctors also need PPE kits for corona warfare. But the supply of that kit is very low. So he decided 1000 To donate kits. He also requested everyone to donate as much as possible.
Vidya further said that the price of each kit is 750 rupees, which includes face mask, surgical mask, sunglasses, hand gloves, shoes and many more. With a link to a website, he requested a helping hand.

There is good news in Vidyadhya's most recent video. In the middle of two days 2500 The actress said that it was possible to raise more PPE kits and Rs 16 lakh. Vidya said that this campaign will continue for a few more days. He also thanked everyone.

Incidentally, before this, many stars including Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan have come forward to face Corona. Shah Rukh Khan has donated 50,000 PPE kits in collaboration with the governments of West Bengal and Maharashtra. Shah Rukh and Gauri have also taken initiative to deliver fresh food to the health workers. Varun Dhawan also extended a helping hand.