Adah Sharma: When the mobile number was leaked, Adah Sharma remembered this scene of ‘The Kerala Story’, said these big things


Adah Sharma: मोबाइल नंबर हुआ लीक तो अदा शर्मा को आई

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The Kerala Story Adah Sharma: The Kerala Story film actress after the release of Adah Sharma It remains in discussion everywhere. His film has faced controversies. Along with that, Ada Sharma’s phone number was leaked online along with the edited picture, on which the statement of the actress has now come to the fore.

Ada Sharma’s anger has erupted after her mobile number was leaked. Talking about this to a news website, he said that he had already realized this when he started receiving many calls and messages. He started getting threats.

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Adah Sharma remembered this scene of the film

Ada Sharma said that she too is feeling exactly the same as any other girl would feel if her mobile number gets leaked. It shows the low mentality of a person who has stooped to such an extent that he enjoys doing so. Adah Sharma said that this reminded her of the scene in her film The Kerala Story, where the numbers of girls are made public and then they are harassed.

Ada Sharma says that the person who has done this to her has been involved in other activities for a long time, the police has got information about this. At the same time, for this reason, Ada has to change her phone number. The actress said that instead of sending her to jail, changing the number is a very small price.

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Adah Sharma is the lead actress of the film.

Adah Sharma is the lead actress of The Kerala Story. She plays Shalini Unnikrishnan, a Kerala girl who is converted and renamed Fatima and taken to Syria to join ISIS.

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