Adani dominates the world’s billionaires, enters top 20 with a bang


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In the world of billionaires, once again Gautam Adani has proved that he cannot be kept away from the list where Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and his compatriot Mukesh Ambani are present. In three days, he turned such a game that he entered the top 20 leaving behind the billionaire businessman of China. According to the data of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, his net worth has seen an increase of about $ 12 billion i.e. about 98 thousand crore rupees in three days. If we talk about Tuesday itself, then among the top 31 billionaires of the world, only Indian billionaires remained such whose net worth was seen to increase. In which the name of Mukesh Ambani is also included.

Good days are back for Adani

There is a continuous increase in Gautam Adani’s net worth for three consecutive days. The process which started from May 19 continued till Tuesday. Wednesday’s figures will be known later. If you look at the figures, on May 18, there was a decline in Adani’s net worth and it came down to $52.4 billion. After that, on May 19, there was an increase of two billion dollars and the net worth came to $ 54.4 billion. The market was closed on 20th and 21st. On Monday, the market saw a boom in the stock and the net worth jumped more than $ 5 billion, after which the net worth reached $ 59.8 billion. The boom continued on Tuesday and an increase of $ 4.38 billion was seen and the total wealth has increased to $ 64.2 billion. This means that since May 18, Gautam Adali’s total wealth has increased by $ 11.8 billion i.e. about Rs 98 thousand crore.

left china behind

Gautam Adani has made his place in the world’s 20 billionaires. Adani has become the 18th richest businessman at present. With this growing step, Gautam Adani has left China behind in the world of billionaires. It is not that China’s billionaires have dropped out of the top 20, but only China’s businessman, Jong Shanshan, has survived. At present, he is on the 19th position and has a wealth of $ 62.4 billion, about $ 2 billion less than Gautam Adani.

Indians dominate the top 31 billionaires

The interesting thing is that on Tuesday, there has been an increase in the net worth of Indian billionaires among the top 31 billionaires of the world. Otherwise, there has not been any increase in anyone’s net worth. According to the data of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, apart from Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani’s net worth has seen a slight increase of $ 5.49 million. After which his total net worth has become $ 84.1 billion. In the current year, his net worth has decreased by billion dollars.

$11.2 billion wiped from Bernard Arnault’s net worth

On the other hand, 11.2 billion dollars i.e. about 93 thousand crore rupees were cleared from Bernard Arnault’s net worth in one stroke on Tuesday. On Tuesday, LVMH shares have seen a decline of 5 per cent. Because of which his net worth decreased. At present, his net worth has seen an increase of $ 192 billion. In the current year, his net worth has increased by $ 29.5 billion. Now Elon Musk is only $ 12 billion behind him. By the way, the shares of LVMH have seen a rise of 23 per cent this year.

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