Adar Yuvan, Baba Raj Chakraborty dances ‘Dadang Dadang’ with his son on his shoulders, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: The fourth round of voting in Bengal ended two days ago. There were multiple star candidates in several assembly constituencies in different districts. One of them is director Raj Chakraborty. He is the Trinamool candidate in Badharakpur. Raj started campaigning vigorously after his name was announced as a candidate.

Raj was campaigning from his home in Halishahar. Although his wife Shubhshree and son Yuvaan were in Calcutta, Shubhshree was also seen campaigning on the day of submission of her husband’s nomination papers. Raj has breathed a sigh of relief after casting his vote in his own assembly constituency.

These days, Raj was quite distracted from his wife and son. However, Shubhshree used to send her husband in the middle of the video of his son’s affair. Raj used to share all those videos on social media and say that he missed his son.

He recently shared another video. Raj was seen dancing with Yuvan on his shoulders. The director is sitting on the boy’s shoulder and dancing to the sound of ‘Dadang Dadadang’. Seeing his father’s actions, Yuvan is laughing and eating loot. On the other hand, mother Shubhshree is making more smile on her son’s face by clapping. It is quite understandable that this video was shot on the day of Raj’s birthday party in Halishahar.

Yuvan is just six months old. In the meanwhile he has learned to stand up alone. Everyone’s eyes are on the forehead seeing the small incident. Everyone is unanimously acknowledging that Yuvan is an ‘advanced baby’.

Yuvan had shown such a surprise before. He was seen standing on his own two feet, leaning on the things around him. Raj expressed surprise by sharing this video of the boy. This time no recourse was needed.

He posed for the camera without holding anything by himself. Who is to say that he is only six months old! Of course, after standing for a while, Yuvan fell down again. Netizens are crazy about his ‘cuteness’.