Addicted to cigarettes or other tobacco products? The big announcement for you is the Modi government


Banglahunt Desk: Already the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi has announced the second round of lockdown. At the same time, he imposed some special rules on this lockdown. One of them is drug related. The Modi government has said that during the second round of lockdown, the country will completely stop selling Bidhi, cigarettes, alcohol and Gutkha drugs.

According to the Disaster Management Act, the government has stopped selling bidi, cigarettes, alcohol and Gutkha drugs in the country. Modi government has warned that if the seller is caught selling these national products, then the seller will face severe punishment.

The government says lockdown conditions have been issued in the country to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus. And this time, if many people do not agree to the cigarette liquor together, it may increase the chances of infection. Consequently, the government receives huge revenue from cigarettes, alcohol and other intoxicants. Yet in this situation, the government has to take this decision to prevent the spread of corona infection.

Recently, the state BJP had directed the liquor store to be opened in the lockdown in Assam. As soon as the shop opens with permission, a long line of liquor stores falls. People disobeyed the directions of social distance. A picture issued on Wednesday by the central government on Wednesday confirmed that liquor, cigarette shops will be closed for the next five days during lockdown.

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