Adhere to the rules of worship of Ganesh deity, happiness will come to the world and wealth will increase in wealth.


Banglahunt Desk: At the beginning of the new year, Lakshmi-Ganesh worships many together. Many worshipers became rich when they performed this puja. However, many worship the only Gonesha deity. If you can satisfy Ganesh deity, your family or business will improve. Your purity will rise. Your house will be filled with riches. 'Ganapati Bappa Moria' – Lord Ganesh who was happy at Laddu but worshiped before all the gods. Ganapati's father came first with a small rat vehicle. If the Siddhidata can satisfy Ganesh but your prosperity will increase, happiness will increase in your home.

Ganesh, a mother of four children of Mother Parvati and father Mahadeva, has been a little playful since childhood. According to the Puranas, after Ganesh's head was severed, he had to hold an elephant's head. Because of this, there is little complication in the Deity Mahadev, Mahadev said that from this time, Ganesh will be worshiped before the world. Then other gods will get worship. Therefore, every year, Ganesh Puja starts with Pooja Parban.

Ganesh IV is celebrated in Kolkata as well as in other regions. Calcutta became the goddess of Ganesh deity. Everyone served him in hopes of gaining a good blessing from him by pleasing the deity. However, if the siddhanta worshiped Ganesh with his heart, he fulfilled the wishes of all. So when worshiping Ganesh in devotion, Bhagwan blesses him by raising his hands.

It is said that worshiping Ganesh every Wednesday leads to wealth and good fortune. The Ganesh deity came to the house with riddhi and siddhi if this worship was done correctly. So, every Wednesday morning, after bathing, Ganesh Deity has to offer 5 durbar grass. Ganesh Thakur but he is very good to eat again. Therefore, it is very easy to worship Him and to please Him. Ganesh Thakur is very good at eating laddu and modak. So whether you are from the shop or if you make it by the hand of God, then God will be more pleased with it.

But the idol worship of Ganesh Thakur is prevalent. But in that case there are not many idols at once, but one is to be worshiped by the idol. Various colors of Ganesh Tagore are found in the market. However, the inhabitants believe that if they worship the Ganesh idol in white or yellow, then the world is enriched and filled with riches. However, it is considered auspicious when Ganesh idol is worshiped but left northeast of the house or on the west side of it. Once Ganapati Bappa has a red bean on his head, he is pleased with the devotees. Peace will be restored by removing all turmoil from the world and office.

If the prasad or puja material is offered in silver containers instead of copper containers at the time of offering prayers to God, the blessings of Siddhanta Ganesh always remain on that family. If you enjoy pure ghee and jaggery in the process of consumption, all the obstacles to the path to wealth will be removed. However, in choosing the place of worship, the sitting room or the house of worship is better than the bedroom. And from the day before the worship, it is better to eat vegetarian food from the day of immersion. Ganesh Thakur was pleased to feed the green grass to the cow again every Wednesday. And happiness comes back to the family. Only then will the blessed hand of Siddhanta Ganesh be on your head and your family will be filled with happiness and wealth.

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