Adipurush Dialogues: ‘Go ahead and bury the saffron flag of victory in the chest of the ego’ – Adipurush’s hair-raising dialogues


Adipurush Dialogues:

Adipurush Trailer Top Dialogues: Starring actors like Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh and Devdutt Gajanan Lone man The trailer has been released. The trailer is more powerful than the teaser. Prabhas is seen leaving his mark in the character of Lord Ram, while Saif who became Ravana in two scenes is also looting the party.

Manoj Muntashir has written the dialogues of the film. There are not one or two but five such dialogues in the trailer, which look powerful. The most powerful dialogue has been spoken by Prabhas playing the role of Lord Ram. Like Bahubali, in this film too Sharad Kelkar has composed the voice of Prabhas in Hindi. Everyone is already aware of his style of dialogue delivery.

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These powerful dialogues are in the trailer

‘My life resides in Janaki and dignity is more dear to me than my life’ – Prabhas

‘We become small or big by our deeds, not by birth’ – Prabhas

‘Raghav broke Shiva’s bow to get me, now he has to break Ravana’s pride.’- Kriti Sanon

‘Don’t fight for me today, fight for that day, when you will read your name in history and bow your head…if you fight…then go ahead and bury the saffron flag of victory in your ego’- Prabhas

‘Whatever is worth getting in the universe, you have got..yet you are a demon…bring Lakshmi, you will become Narayan.’- Saif Ali Khan

It is difficult to say how much work has been done in VFX and animation in the trailer as compared to the teaser. At first glance, you will see a lot of VFX in many scenes. Although the lightness of VFX is hidden by the dialogue and background music of the artists. The background music of the film and the voice of Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram is enough to enthuse the audience.

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