Adipurush Trailer: From teaser to trailer, in the name of change, the makers played this game in Prabhas’s Adipurush!


Adipurush Trailer: टीज़र से ट्रेलर तक, बदलाव के नाम पर प्रभास की आदिपुरुष में मेकर्स ने कर दिया ये खेल!

Scene from movie Adipurush

Adipurush Trailer Release: There is no more freedom in Bollywood to make films like before. Today people have become very cautious and do not want to hear much against their religion and caste. In such a situation, filmmakers have to be very careful while making any film. Prabhas’s film teaser When it was released, there were many such things in it due to which people were seen angry. There was a huge protest after the release of the teaser of the film.

Now that the teaser of this movie has been released, it can be clearly seen that trailer It has been kept very simple. There has been no attempt to tamper with it in such a way that it seems that there is anything inflammatory in it. While on the one hand, nowadays many directors are getting lost in understanding how to make a film without playing with the sentiments of the public. On the other hand, director Om Raut has made the trailer of this film, which came into the limelight due to the massive protests against the teaser, with a very safe side.

Watch the trailer here-

But in the same sequence, cheating has also been done with those fans who always look for newness in something. Teaser and trailer are two different things. If the things which have been shown in the first teaser are repeated in the trailer as well, then the trailer will look more boring. There are even many scenes in the teaser which seem to match with the trailer.

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Let’s take a look at those scenes which have been lifted exactly from the teaser. Just a slight change has been made in its lighting or angle. In such a situation, the makers of the film should be told that they could have put in a little more effort.

1- When the image is seen in the sea- In the teaser of the film, it was shown how in one of its scenes, when Lord Ram raises his bow and shoots an arrow upwards on the seashore, it starts raining and a human image starts taking shape in the sea. You can see this scene in the teaser as well and a similar scene has been shown in the trailer as well.

Watch the teaser here-

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2- Prabhas lifting bow and arrow in the form of Lord Rama- When Lord Ram comes into action and lifts his bow and arrow, the same location can be seen in both the trailer and the teaser. The location has been kept exactly the same, the only difference is that the brightness of the teaser is high and the brightness of the trailer has been reduced.

3- Introduction scene of Vanar Sena is same in both- In every teaser and trailer, characters have to be established to explain the story to the fans. This is actually the introduction of those characters which are given to you through the trailer. The purpose of this is to get the fans interested in the upcoming film. But this does not mean that the same scenes should be repeated in the trailer and teaser. When the monkey army is seen walking on Ramsetu. In this too, both the scenes are seen as introductory scenes of the army.

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4- Lord Hanuman flying in the sea- The fourth scene which is common in the trailer and teaser of the film is the departure of Lord Hanuman to Lanka. In both the scenes Lord Hanuman is shown going to Lanka in the same way. The only difference is the lighting.

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