Adipurush: Will Adipurush break all records? How did people like the trailer of Prabhas’ film, know


Adipurush: क्या आदिपुरुष तोड़ेगी सारे रिकॉर्ड? लोगों को कैसा लगा प्रभास की फिल्म का ट्रेलर, जानें

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Adipurush Trailer Twitter Reaction: in October 2022 when Radiance, kriti sanon And Saif Ali Khan starrer film Lone man When the teaser was revealed, the makers had to face a lot of criticism at that time. There was a controversy regarding the looks of the characters and VFX was also not liked by anyone, after which it was said by the makers that they would change the scenes and VFX.

Today i.e. on 9th May the trailer of the film has been released. People are finding the trailer stronger than the teaser. Seeing this, people are giving their respective reactions through social media. Let us tell you how Twitter users have liked this trailer.

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people liked the trailer

Twitter users are liking this trailer of Adipurush and it is getting good reviews from people. Twitter users are liking the jungle scenes, dialogues and background music shown in the trailer.

Even though the teaser people did not get anything special, but the trailer is winning the hearts of the people. A Twitter user wrote that the trailer is much better than the teaser.

A Twitter user said that watching this 3-minute trailer gave him goosebumps and tears in his eyes. People are writing that they are very eager to watch this film.

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People are liking the look of Prabhas, although there are some users who say that Saif Ali Khan’s look is better than Prabhas. One user wrote, “Are we going to watch a film where Ravana’s look dominates Ram’s.”

Will Adipurush break all the records?

After watching this trailer, people are calling it a blockbuster and people are saying that Adipurush is going to break all the records. However, it will be known only after the release of this film that how amazing it is at the box office. Let me tell you, this film is going to hit the theaters on June 16.

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