Aditya Singh Rajput was unwell for several days, bruises found on head and ear


Aditya Singh Rajput की कई दिनों से थी तबीयत खराब, सिर और कान पर मिले चोट के निशान

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actor Aditya Singh Rajput His death has taken everyone by surprise. In the Aditya Singh Rajput death case, the police are continuously doing their investigation. Many types of questions are also being raised on the death of the actor, which the police is trying to find out. According to the initial statement recorded by the police in the case of Aditya Singh Rajput’s death, the actor died on Monday after slipping in the bathroom of his Andheri apartment.

On the other hand, according to the latest information, Aditya Singh Rajput has two wounds of cut on his ear and head injury. However, both these wounds can also be caused by falling. Please tell that Aditya Singh Rajput used to live in this apartment with his two friends. One of whom had gone to his home for the last several days. And his other friend used to come back late at night after going to work in the morning.

On this matter, till now the police say that Aditya Singh Rajput’s health was not good for the last few days. The maid has told the police that the actor had cough, cold and was vomiting. Despite this, Aditya had a party on Sunday as well, but whether he had consumed anything in the party, the post-mortem report is awaited. If needed, viscera sample will also be taken.

According to the maid’s statement, Rajput got up at 11 am on Monday and had paratha for breakfast. But after that he started vomiting continuously, after which he asked the cook to make khichdi for him. Between 2 pm and 2.30 pm, Aditya Singh Rajput went to the bathroom, his house servant heard the sound of a loud fall and ran to see him, Aditya fell on the ground and suffered minor injuries.

According to the watchman’s statement, the house help ran downstairs and asked him for help. The watchman went upstairs and lifted Rajput. Those who had fainted were made to lie on the bed. The watchman says that the bathroom tiles were also broken. However, a video related to this statement is also available with the police. A doctor was called from a nearby hospital. The doctors suggested that he would have to shift to the hospital.

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Then a female friend of Aditya was informed and the police was informed. First the actor was taken to a private hospital. After that he was taken to Trauma Care Hospital in Jogeshwari. Where he was declared dead. Presently the police is investigating the matter. Today the post mortem report of Aditya Singh Rajput will come. Then on the approval of the family, the last rites will be performed today itself.

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