Afghanistan blames Pakistan for shock, terrorism blames Imran government

BanglaHunt Desk: The world is now scared of the Corona virus (COVID-19). But among them, a Pakistani militant, Aslam Farooqi, was killed last month in a terrorist attack in Kabul in Afghanistan. If Pakistan wants that person back, Afghanistan will return that request. Afghanistan refuses to return the militant.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry proposes to return Aslam Farooqi to Afghan ambassador Aslam Farooqi was involved in terrorist activities in Afghanistan. So we want to bring Farooqi to Pakistan to try him. We will judge him. '

But the Afghan foreign ministry did not accept Pakistan's proposal. They are reluctant to return Aslam Farooqi to Pakistan. Afghanistan claims, 'Aslam Farooqi has killed hundreds of Afghans. That is why we will prosecute him in Afghanistan. ” They also said, “There is no treaty between Pakistan and Afghanistan which will not allow Afghanistan to request the return of the head of IS.”

A terrorist attack took place on March 27 in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The attack took place at a gurdwara in Afghanistan. The attack killed 25 Sikhs. And lots of people were injured. Pakistan now wants to take back the head of the attack. And Afghanistan is reluctant to return him. The Afghan government wants to judge him without leaving his country.

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