Afghanistan left Bangladesh behind in the Test rankings.


The whole world is in turmoil right now because of the Corona virus. At the same time, Bangladesh cricket has also been disrupted. The condition of Bangladesh cricket is so bad that Bangladesh has slipped to number ten in the newly published ICC Test rankings. Even Afghanistan, which was recognized in Test cricket a few days ago, left Bangladesh behind.

Bangladesh's performance in Test cricket is absolutely disappointing. Bangladesh cricket team has been playing Test cricket for 20 years but their rating points are only 55, on the other hand Afghanistan has surpassed Bangladesh by playing only four Test series. The Afghanistan cricket team beat Bangladesh by 57 rating points after winning two of the four Test series. According to the newly released ICC rankings, Bangladesh is ranked 10th in Test cricket and Afghanistan is ranked 9th in Test cricket.

Despite being number ten in Tests, Bangladesh are ahead of Afghanistan, West Indies and Sri Lanka in ODI cricket. Bangladesh is ranked seven in ODI cricket and Bangladesh is ranked eight in T20 cricket.