After 19 years, the Pakistani star admitted to match-fixing.


Cricket fixing seems to have become synonymous with Pakistan cricket. It has been seen for a long time that the names of one Pakistani star cricketer after another have been associated with fixing. The future of many talented Pakistani cricketers has been darkened for fixing. Recently, Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal's name was linked to fixing, which is why he was banned from all forms of cricket for three years by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Again, the issue of fixing Pakistan cricket went public. However, this time it is not a recent incident. The incident of fixing Pakistani cricket 19 years ago has come to light so far. Pakistani cricketer Selim Malik has so far admitted that he was involved in fixing in 2000. And then Pakistan cricket passes you by.

Selim Malik was sent to life in exile by the Pakistan Cricket Board in 2000 after allegations surfaced that he had offered bribes to three Australian cricketers. But to this day he has not denied his guilt. He has always claimed to be innocent. After being selected from cricket, he applied to be the coach of Pakistan but his application was not accepted by the Pakistan Cricket Board. After all this time he admitted that I was involved in match fixing in 2000, for which I am very sorry.