After 72 days of hearing the name of the favorite food, the patient woke up from the coma, the doctors were shocked

Many of us call ourselves food lovers. Even if I have a full stomach, I can't handle greed when I find my favorite food in front of me But no one knows if what happened to the 16-year-old will ever happen again. The patient, who had been in a coma for 72 days, survived after hearing the name of his favorite food. There is no limit to the surprise of the doctors

The incident happened in Taiwan. A young man was seriously injured in a Q scooter accident. Q suffered severe injuries to multiple limbs, including the right kidney and liver. He was slowly recovering from the treatment. But suddenly went into a coma. It was not possible to regain consciousness with any medicine.

He was in a coma for 72 days. He underwent six operations in a coma. But there was no benefit in any treatment. Many gave up hope. Meanwhile, jokingly, his brother pronounced the name of his favorite food to his ears. And that is magic. The patient is in a coma

Surely wanting to know what is the food that brought the patient back from the coma? The answer is chicken fillet. His brother joked to his ear that I would eat your favorite chicken fillet. After that, the young man slowly began to regain consciousness. The doctors were also surprised to see that. Eventually he recovered and returned home. It is known that he also ate cakes before leaving.