After 96 years in the history of cricket, now there is a record of shame, Kohli's hand on his head


India v Australia: India v Australia at Adelaide Oval And in the second innings of this Test, Team India set a shameful record. In the second innings, the Indian batting line-up collapsed like a house of cards. India's second innings ended with just 36 runs. And that broke a long 96-year record.

This is the lowest run-scoring history in the history of Indian cricket. Not to be outdone by just 36 runs, the Indian team averaged another embarrassing record. In the second innings, no Indian batsman could reach double figures. Which happened 96 years ago. England and South Africa met in a Test match in Birmingham in 1924. None of South Africa's 10 batsmen were able to score double figures in that match, before they were out.

After the first innings, Team India was in a convenient place. India took a 53-run lead in the first innings, meaning Team India could have put pressure on Australia if they could have scored 200 in the second innings. But every Indian batsman failed with the bat. No Indian batsman has scored double figures on this day. India's second innings ended with just 36 runs. As a result, Australia won the match with a smile. The innings of the Indian batsmen on this day are: 4, 9, 2, 0, 4, 0, 6, 4, 0, 4, 1.