After a quarrel with his wife, the husband walked 450 km to reduce his anger! A fine of 36 thousand rupees has to be paid


Bengali Hunt Desk: Quarrels between husband and wife are normal. But in Italy, a couple got into an argument when the husband walked out of the house at lightning speed and walked 450 km to calm himself. The 48-year-old is from Como, Italy, right next to the Swiss border. The man walked from Como to Fano. The distance between the two cities is 428 km. After the man reached Fano, he walked 30 km to the Adriatic Coast, where police arrested him.

When the man told the policeman the reason for walking 450 km, they did not believe him. When the policemen investigate to verify the truth of the incident, it is proved to be true. The man's wife filed a report of her husband's disappearance in Como a week ago. According to reports, after walking 450 km, the person became very weak and sick.

The person said that I was so angry that I did not realize how far I had come. I just walked out of the house to calm myself down. Many unknown people give me food on this tour. The man said, I walked about 64 km in one day.

After receiving the news, the wife went to the town of Fano to pick up her husband. Since then no trace of him could be found. The wife had to pay a fine of 400 euros (about 36,000 rupees) to the Fano police for bringing her husband back. Because that person broke the rules of Knight Curfew in Corona.